40’ Tank Chassis With 26” Drop

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The Tri-axle Chassis

  • Carries one 20’ tank container accommodating a maximum load of 42,500 lbs. on the rear axle setting, meeting the Federal Bridge Formula.

  • Many commercial districts allow 95,000 lbs total vehicle weight only when using tri-axle tank chassis. This is the only tank chassis given long-term overweight permits.

  • Tri-axle tank chassis have greater breaking performance.

  • Better control in snow and ice conditions.

  • Less vulnerability to disabling flats.

  • More cargo weight is distributed to the rear chassis axles, thus eliminating overweight problems on the tractor drive wheels.


Interested in learning more? We’ve created this short video to walk you through the great features!

Twinstar Leasing: Triaxle chassis information straight from the New Orleans depot.


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